Rebuilt Starters

Coventry West is proud to feature and sell “Professional Preferred” Bosch remanufactured alternators and starters.

Bosch remanufactured alternators and starters carry the strongest warranty in the business: 24 months with unlimited mileage on units used on on-commercial passenger cars and light trucks!

Bosch reman starters and alternators also feature the Bosch Ultimate Protection Plan, which provides that, should your Bosch reman starter or alternator fail during the two years after purchase, you are eligible for a free jump start, or tow if necessary, from a qualified Road Service Provider. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the U.S or Canada, after promptly registering your component purchase, by presenting the Bosch Ultimate Protection Plan Access Card at time of service.

Robert Bosch LLC is one of the oldest and most respected automotive component manufacturers in the world, with a long history dating back to the earliest days of the horseless carriage, and it is very difficult to find a car in production today that doesn’t carry a Bosch-produced part somewhere on it!

Starter Diagram
Starter Diagram

  1. Solenoid - Performance tested for pull in and hold strength-ensures reliable starting in all temperature extremes
  2. 100% New Contact Surfaces in Solenoid
  3. 100% New Hardware
  4. 100% New Solenoid Cap
  5. Seals and Gaskets - Replaced per original equipment. Proper sealing improves service life
  6. Brush Plate Holder - Realigned and replaced as needed
  7. Commutators - Remachined to tight Bosch specifications; replaced with 100% New as required
  8. 100% New Brushes
  9. Permanent Magnet/Field Coils - Tested for field strength
  10. Shafts and Splines - Lubricated with OE specified grease providing protection from -40 to +302F
  11. Starter Drive - 100% new rollers and springs
  12. Armature - 100% Checked for Continuity, Gauged and Straightened; replaced with New if it does not meet Bosch Specifications
  13. Shift Levers - Dimension Checked and Aligned for proper throw out and engagement
  14. Housings & Mounting Surfaces - Mounting holes inspected and all threaded holes retapped or replaced with stainless steel threaded inserts for easy installation.
  15. 100% New Bushings/Needle Bearings
  16. Pinion Gears Chamfer checked and replaced if needed